Friday, June 3, 2011

Big Island

I mounted the little Hawaii piece that I finished last year
and named it "Big Island".
I love the way it looks and I can hang it or show it this way!
Gerry is right it's very convenient!

I also finished another box, this one is a small round papermache` box with a bead embellished moon and goddess on the top.

I liked the pattern so much from "whatever the moon has meant"
that I did it again, only a bit larger this time.
I'm also working on finishing the big "Pineapples and palmtrees" piece.
I know, I know that one is so old it should have finished itself by now!
but I mean it I'm gonna do it! and mount it too! you'll see!


Katy said...

Your Hawaiian block is wonderful!! I love the generous use of colors and the variety of stitching on the seams!

Carol said...

How fun!! You got to go to Hawaii AND you CQ'd about it!! Love it. and the little box too.


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