Thursday, November 18, 2010

new deck and an idea

My deck is done! yea!
just in time for the rain. boo!
but it's so pretty! can't you just see the potential!
It even has a reinforced spot so I can hang my comfy chair!
I can see a nice table and chairs, hanging pots with trailing plants, pots with other plants, a fountain (maybe) a vine or two to overhang and dangle.
oooh! I can't wait till spring, so I can sit on my deck, have my morning cuppa and sew!
I love a blank canvas!
even the front stairs look nice!
and now I have a place to start thinking about my BJP project!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I decided I am going to get to know you. I feel some unspoken draw.

So, I went back to your first blog post. Funny. I was born in the South Side of Chicago. My father retired from US Steel. Most of my family worked in the mills. Its my Very Favorite Place to visit. I still have family there. We moved to Michigan City and my dad comuted to work on the South Shore. I rode the train free to school because my frieds dad was a conductor. Maybe I know your ex's family. Small world.

When my daughter started school, we enrolled her in the parrish school where I volunteered until I had to go to work due to the 1980 recession. I have never been able to quit.

One question, if you want to say...why did you chose WA to move to?

I'm going to read the rest of your blog, back to front.

Mo Pfister said...

Hey Flora is is Mo!! I bet you already know this but wanted to pass on an amazing class taking place in CT. If I was made of money I would be going to this show in a heartbeat. It has the amazing stitching gurus of our time!! Alison Aller, Maureen Greeson, Betty Pillsbury and Sharon Boggon. How awesome is that!! I wanted to pass it onto you in the event you were going back east this spring.

Wendy said...

How beautiful! I can see you having tea parties and all sorts of wonderful dreamy fun times there!


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