Thursday, October 14, 2010

cozy corners

There is something comforting about having things on display in bowls,

some overflowing
some with just a few items.

pretty bowls,
plain bowls,

big bowls and
little bowls

saucers and baskets
shells and tea cups.

filled with comfortable little items tucked away

in odd corners of the house

to surprise and delight

or remind

bits and pieces
useful or not


Carol said...

Very lovely displays. I used to like to do that until the wood to mulch recycling plant opened just over the county line. There is so much dust in the air its unbelievable how fast my shelve accumulate it. I have had to put it all away.

twotrack said...

So sorry to have not been around to comment for so long.Life decided to change up on me and I now have a new address and a new life situation. I've not given up on CQ and do have all the things necessary to create. Thanks for sharing all your pretties and motivating me to get better grounded. Sounds like all is well with you (except for the plumbing that is)... Jane in Michigan


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