Sunday, March 21, 2010


Ok ladies, I need your help here.

I embroidered this bird on muslin intending to put it in the nice open blue cloudy sky.
but when I got to that point it just didn't look right being too close to the butterfly.

Now where do I put it?

I have narrowed it down to three places,

so far my runners up are the smaller brocade patch and the wisteria grove.

what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Personally my favorite is #1. My reason is it balances the color of the butterfly and the bird across the block. I also love how it looks against the brocade.

Beautiful job on the bird by the way:)

Ann Flowers

Jane said...

Thats to pretty of a patch in the 2nd pic to cover up. I like what Ann said, for the balance.. but something tells me you've got plenty more things in store for this block.. one thing will always tie into something else by the time your done. Love the bird.. I'm going to have to try motiffing this way soon

Plays with Needles said...

Thank you for leaving me such a beautiful comment this morning. Plus, it's fun to travel over here and see what you're up to...

Personally, I like the bird on the blue sky patch with its belly nestled into the lower will look lovely there.

Your challenge then is to balance the dark of the butterfly and black bird on the other areas of the block by introducing a darker value elsewhere. If this were mine to tackle, which it's not but since you asked...I would take one of my pictures and draw out the path I would like the eye to travel when it looks at my block. I could nicely see a cluster of activity of bird and butterfly in the right hand corner balanced by a cluster in the bottom area by the strawberries and another cluster over to the left of the pink velvet...I love the daisies and the strawberries and the overall color I love to think about the challenge of making your original plan work...and I think it can.

No matter what you choose, that's the beauty of CQ...


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