Sunday, January 17, 2010

new sketchbook entries

something I haven't done a lot of lately is share my sketchbook idea's with you all.

here are some of the recent projects you may recognize,
the cinderella quilt the DBF's christmas stocking
the witchi-poo hat

and some newish ones

like my christmas stocking which I know you've seen before

and the beauty and the beast quilt furthering my attempt to
CQ all my favorite fairy tails,

and the SRE class quilt which may or mat not be made into a purse, i haven't decided just what to do with that yet.

and then there are tthe hankies, my mothers birthday is in march and I decided it was about time to do something for her again and I have grandma Lories hankies hanging about doing nothing so...

1 comment:

Jane said...

I love how you sketch out your stitches... looks to be a great tool for going back and referring to. A great idea


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