Friday, November 16, 2007

my stitch diary

I decided to put a few pages of my stitch diary on my blog today.

you never know where an Idea will come from.

most of these are just random drawings & some have a purpose,

all are things I've seen & liked the look of or imagined & worked with until it felt right.

I don't always use everything I draw,but sometimes in drawing something I find another solution to whatever is stumping me.
maby by looking into my stitch diary, It might encourage you to make your own.
I find that sharing is helpful & it almost always shakes something loose.



Jane said...

How neat Flora !! I have been wanting to start one of these stitch journals. You have given me inspiration.... Thanks for sharing with us!

Susan said...

Your sketching ability far outshines mine. =) I'm more likely to find something I like, print it out and tape it in the journal. =) Sometimes I actually sketch, though.

Ira said...

Very impressive. Beautifuul work. Thanks for sharing.

Malla said...

Very good idea. Good to see a stitch diary in practice. I'll start my own, thanks to you.

Charlene said...

Very impressive! Beautiful work!

Jaki said...

Your stitch diary is awesome! Your sketches are so concise, Just Love Them!!


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