Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Driving & CQ

Oh, Goodness! I promised to let everyone see what I was doing on the trip out to Boston & I plumb forgot! bad Flora!

I thought I would get more done & I'm a little disappointed that I didn't do more!

This little bit of trimming I did driving through the first half of Indiana.

oops! sorry, the peacock is sideways I forgot to turn him. he came to me while going through the second half of Indiana I finished him halfway through Ohio.

I finished the face & sre going down hill ( no wonder the eyes are closed!)

the rest of the seam treatments I did while watching the children try to drown each other in the hotel pool in Kingston N.Y.

The seam treatments here were also done poolside while watching the water babies, cavort around around the pool like so many dolphin.
I was not feeling very creative on the way back to Chicago so I read instead.
all in all a lovely trip.
btw I don't drive my DH does!)

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JK said...

Hey Sweetheart! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. All in all I think our hubbies are so cute when they do silly things like being afraid of lizards and moustraps! HA! Love it!

How on earth can you stitch while driving? I can't think, walk and talk at the same time!!! Beautiful work hon, and hoping to see more!


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