Monday, February 5, 2007


Oh, My, God! Is it cold here in Chicago!
The weatherman says it may get up to 6deg,(oooh1 a heat wave!)
if the sun ever decides to come out.
right now its a balmt -20 with wind chill factor.
I need to make a batch of hunga, hunga food
to warm up the Indians when they get back from school
it's definitely beef stew & hearty soup time, in my house!

in other news I'm Crazy Quilting up a storm!
I'm not happy with my 1st block,
but the second is lovely &
the third will turn out to be my best effort yet!
 I'm sorry about having to show them in 1\2s, but my loving hubby has the camera & I had to copy them on the scanner

I've also been looking through SharonB's take a stitch tuesday web site, otherwise known as TAST,
(& who isn't!) so many wonderful idea's for stitching my brain hurts!
I love doing all the stitches & can't wait for tomorrow for the new lesson.
I'm having troubl adding links to my blog so this is my next project.
I want to link you who visit with all the b e a utiful cq out there!


zhu666 said...

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Jo in NZ said...

Momma Bear, You will always treasure that first CQ...or maybe not. LOL
You are right your second one is looking really good.

I have changed my header,I hope you can read it now.
ps, turn on your 'word varification and you won't get SPAM comments like that last one.
If you are interested in a great yahoo group for newbie CQers give me a bell.

Anonymous said...

i think the problem with the first block is that some of the piecing is very busy, like the checkerboard part, and the colors blend together.

your work is stunning though.


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