Tuesday, June 13, 2006

my moral compass is spinning

my 39 year old sister-in-law just thew me a curveball, she's 2 months preagnant, & she's only known the father for 4 months. I now have to figure out a way to tell my 3 under age children, who adore their Auntie, Why it's not the right way to do things, Why they will not be allowed to do things in this manner,That she is old enugh to make this decision, that this is her decision to make, even tho I personally think she should marry the poor slob now & not 2 years from now & what other squirrely questions they are bound to come up with. At some point I am bound to say something that will get me into trouble.

Ontop of that my 14 year old just graduated grade school. at the bottom of his class of 90.
he has perfected the art of underachievment. Meanwhile the 10 year old is in Jr. aceivement
classes, & the 8 year old is doing just swimmingly, so life balances a little.


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