Friday, November 9, 2007

foolin' around

I've not gotten any of the RR's, so I have been trying to work on some old projects.

But I keep getting distracted by things, like re-arraigning my sewing room .
must be under the influence of Allison Aller & her blog Allies in stitches!

yeah, that's it! It's all allisons fault !)

but seriously folks, don't you hate the dry spell that, propels you into the room love to play in, to CLEAN?

maybe I need a new distraction, & put those old projects in the ufo file, for now.

maybe I will be inspired to them later.



Charlene ♥ SC said...

Looks like you've had a spark at some time or other because the work already there looks fantastic!

Susan said...

I love all three! These really are worthy of finishing at some point. =)

Lauri said...

I absolutely love the one with the knight on it.

It goes really well with my CYOT block I did. ( Hint Hint) LOL
You did a great job on them.
Sometimes you just need to work on something for yourself with no pressure from deadlines and expectations to give yourself time to experiment.
And since it is only thread you can rip out what you don't like. Believe me I do it ALL the time.
Keep up the good work


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