Saturday, August 17, 2013

3rd place purse!

 I have a prize winning purse!

Here she is a Russian beauty.
at least I think she's Russian.

 I entered her into this years purse contest on CQI and she won 3rd place!!

  I folded the red poinsettia type flowers myself because I couldn't find the right  color to match the red otherwise.

i used an old pair of jeans for the inside  some gold curtain cord for the strap. 

I've never won anything before!

Trouble leaving comments......

so many lurkers and no comments?
 I was just informed by a very smart person that I directed the question of "why can't some people leave a comment here on my blog. I've had lots of people try unsuccessfully, and just give up?"
Here is the response...let me know if it works for anyone.
Your readers may have third party cookies disabled in their browsers. They must be enabled in order to leave comments in the embedded comment form.
Let me know if this fixes the problem. If indeed there is one.



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