Sunday, November 11, 2007

my creative mess & a critter tale

since Allison Aller has shown her mess & given the link to Alma Stoller, .
who has challenged all of us to show our creativity storms.
I am posting pics of my own mess, which surprisingly enough isn't so messy.
Here is my room from the door looking north

the corner leading to my "Closet" looking out from the closet

the west wall with all my rulers, skiving pictures & shelf stuffmy sewing table.
I had to clean it up a bit to move it around some & make it easy for the DH to get out the window to fix the roof before we had bigger problems than a little leak in my DS's room.
not to mention replacing tiles where a raccoon was trying to get into the eaves.
pesky critter!
I was up late one night sewing to the light of my Machine & looked out the window to see this very FAT raccoon digging up tile outside the window!

so I yelled at it, & It HISSED at me!
Cheeky Bugger!
I then flapped my hands at it to shoo it off the roof,
it turned it's back on me & went back to digging up the tiles!
That's when I decided, I had enough of this sort of behavior.
Bad enough, to get that sort of thing from the DD's & DS, I was not taking it from a Raccoon!
so I threw my shoe at it.

& missed. Crap!
so I threw the other shoe at it.
right in the tush! ha! take that wild kingdom!
(run around the room with hands in the air, yelling YES!)

Flora, the fearless raccoon chaser!
( hear queens-we are the champions in the background!)
any how I got rid of the critter.
we fixed the the problem & put new tiles down on the roof.

now back to that messy fun stuff,
the press by the couch, where I put all my works in progress. makes it easy to clean, just shut the lid!

one of the chests of drawers I keep my larger stash in
2nd drawer is full of "after 5" fabrics
I've also got drawers full of velvet, gauzy & meshy, eyelet & muslin, old cloths to pretty to toss or hand down.
I can't understand it, Its usually so messy I can't get into the door!
I'm sorry I've let the community down by having a mostly clean room.
I could cheat & show you the children's rooms,
but I'm afraid the board of health has condemned it today!)

well that's the grand tour. hope you enjoyed it.



Jane said...

Your space is not messy at all! Looks like a great place to create. That racoon needed all you gave him. Seems like animals in urban areas are getting braver in their people dealings all the time!

Anonymous said...


What a great space. I love all the fabrics....nicely folded. What is that all about. Is that what you call messy. lol.

I also love the pictures and artwork on the wall.
Very, very nice.

It is great to see other artists creative space. Thanks for taking the challenge.


Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Hi! I followed the link from your comment on Alma's page, and I love your space! Loved looking at all the fabric and cool doodads. Your raccoon story made me laugh out loud!

Maddie Can Fly said...

You are so brave to be tackling the racoon -- they are such nasty things! Nice big room you have -- I love all the space (Lesa at CQForNewbies)


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