Thursday, May 24, 2007

I've been tagged!

HElp, Help ! I've been tagged! Christy! how could You!?
what do I do?! spill of course!

lets see, 7 things about my self.... hmm...

#1) I played 2nd violin 1st chair in the orchestras of my grade & high school for 7 years & still can't read music.

#2) I have NO sense of direction, none, nada, zip.
unless I have a map or very clear directions, I will always go the wrong way. even if I second & third guess myself I'll still go the wrong way. when I have all the time in the world this can be fun, just like pooh bear, I like going on little explores.

to the bored children in the back seat however, this can be torture.
"Maommm! do you know where you're going? "
coming from my 8 year old can be cute, coming from all three can be a little aggravating.

#3) my Mom kicked me out of the house when I was 16. so to make my way in the world I had to wait tables. I did this at a variety of bars, where you can imagine they would have been quite upset if they had known I was under age!

#4) I took a year off high school to get my life straightened out. then went back & graduated 2nd in my class.(of course there were only 12 girls graduating that year!) & I do have about 12 hours in collage course work under my belt but have never gone back, I don't multi, multi task very well! 3 things at a time is my limit, more than that & I forget to pick up the kids at school.

#5) when I was 3 I stuck a fork in the kitchen light socket & gave my self a good zapping, then years later, when I was a light tech for the lighthouse theater I did it again with more voltage & gave my self about a 2000v zapping that had my ears ringing & my head & body buzzing for a good 2 hours! this could be the reason I'm a bit off!)

#6) grandmother's favorite story to tell about me is,
when I was 3 or 4 we had all the cousins over for the weekend for my birthday . the day before was the party & that morning it was gently raining.
well my favorite gift, had been a bright red pair of rain boots & hat, & a bubble umbrella. do you remember those? all clear plastic with a colored bottom so you could put it over your head to keep it dry & still see where you were going.
so seeing as it was raining, I decided to go for a walk around the block, in my new rain gear.

the story goes that my cousin tom when to tell grandma what i was doing & having a flair for the dramatic, kept the best for last.
" grandma?"
"yes "she said sleepily, not opening her eyes,
"Flora went for a walk in her new boots."
"mm, that's nice dear"
"she took her hat & her umbrella with her"
'that's good "
she said still keeping her eyes shut in hopes tom would let her sleep a little longer.
"And nothing else"

next frame is of grandma flying down the block in her bathrobe & nightie, to go get me back in the house before the neighbors saw me walking around the block in nothing but my boots, hat & umbrella!

years later when my third child was 3 I had a similar episode at a friends house. Mara felt so comfortable here she stripped out of everything, including her diaper & went to play in the pond they had in the back yard!

#7)I love that my husband has a job that he loves.
I hate that the job periodically scares me to death.

as a Chicago Firefighter my hubs mostly sits around the firehouse polishing his engine & watching TV. the house that he's in isn't a "hot"
house. but the possibility is there for disaster.

I worry when he doesn't call back that I'll be getting a visit from Father Mulchrone & a chief to be named later, to tell me he's not coming home.

I know this in a small possibility , but it is a possibility. It's not an easy job to do & he does it with style & no little competence.
the job still scares me to death.But I would NEVER tell him to quit or be one of those wives who out of fright, would be less than supportive of him.I'm very proud of him.

now who do I tagg?
how about Janet of I'm going crazy; you come, too !
Gerry of !


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