Thursday, August 2, 2018

The last faerie and other stuff

 It seems I am not done with the faeries yet

I found 3 more panels digging around for something else,

I'm sure some of you can relate

I've been a berry busy bunny this summer

lots to sew and do and wow It's August already?

How'd thAt happen?


there were birthdays in all of that mess too

the Peacocks were made for my dd#1

Good long arm practice they were too!

Then there's the help/nothelp

Napping on the job as usual

I'm kinda proud of the quilting on this one

Its a panel so again so I'm cheating but It was to much fun to pass up!

I'm getting better!

I can see it in my swirls

This is the back to another one

you can see the front when I give it to it's intended

Then there is this quilt, I was given 3 donor flimsies by Susan the owner of Gathering Fabrics

It seems these poor babies were the last made by one of her ladies before she died and donated by her husband as "I don't know what to do with these ones, please find a home for them." Quilts

My working theory, now that I have done this one is that it was an early quilt made with 30's fabrics and originally made into a tied quilt with synthetics taken apart that she meant to "Do something" with and never got around to.

I loved working with this one even though I had to pick out the old bits of synthetic yarn that was used to tie it, yech.
I also had to do some spot repairs because many of the seams were splitting due to uneven seams and the age of the fabric.

I used what was left of the extra yellow and green and added some pink from my own stash to finish the backing.

I'm following Angela Walters Swirl-a-long on youtube and am getting much better as I go.

I love the different looks that I got from the different style of swirl

The top 2 differentiation's let the fabric lie flat
they are the swirl echo and swirl in swirl

whereas the feather swirl all over is "lumpier"

And the obligatory Vegi garden for this year

I'm going to have hella cucumbers!

I paired the zucchini down to 2 plants this year and they have started to produce as well as the tomatoes but those I can preserve if I need to.

What do I do with cucumbers?

I obviously did not think it through well enough this spring as they have never gotten big enough to produce more than 3-4 misshapen cuecs in previous years, eep!


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