Sunday, December 30, 2007

christmas purses

Here are the pictures of the finished Christmas purses I made.

my daughters get one each or WWII develops.


& DD#2


& 2 girlfriends


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A little Christmas questionaire

Merry Christmas to all I hope every one had a spectacular day!

A little Christmas questionnaire

1. Wrapping or gift bags? both

2. Real or artificial tree?Artificial, real trees make the DH sneeze.

3. When do you put up the tree?DEC 1

4. When do you take the tree down? Jan1

5. Do you like eggnog? yep!

6. Favorite gift received as a child? 68 count crayon box & a huge pad of paper

7. Do you have a nativity scene? yes, we have my fathers old set ( mom is a non believer)

8. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? socks

9. Mail or email Christmas cards? I try to mail cards every year, but it never seems to get
done. I emailed them this year.

10. Favorite Christmas Movie? national lampoons Christmas vacation, it reminds me of Christmases past.

11. When do you start shopping for Christmas? I've worked retail for years and I HATE shopping. we go as a family early in the morning to beat the crowds 3-4 days before & have breakfast after to gloat over how much everyone will like what we got.

12. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? a deep fried turkey, Prime rib or lamb, homemade fudge, marzipan & peanut brittle, garlic caraway dip, almond cookies. drool!

13. Clear lights or colored on the tree? Clear outside, bubble and colored lights on the tree.

14. Favorite Christmas song? Angelus Ad Virginem, & carol of the bells

15. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Stay home.

16. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? you betcha!

17. Angel on the tree top or a star? a lit star

18. Open the presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? Christmas morning.

19. Most annoying thing about this time of year? Shopping.

20. Do you decorate your tree in any specific theme or color? Nope, the tree is covered with
ornaments from all over the place & i add to it every year

21. What do you leave for Santa? Cookies and carrots for his reindeer

22. Least favorite holiday song?all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth

23. Favorite ornament? a big fat pink pig with w red bird on its behind & the inch worm

Sunday, December 23, 2007

stitch diary #2

I haven't been doing this for very long & i do have other sketch books, but they are not CQ related. Here's the rest of my stitch diary, Enjoy!

Flames have always held a certain fascination for,

probably the reason I married a Fire fighter.
random doodles & American Indian motifs
Book margin & Mexican designs

birds & my name in several different languages
bad doodle & Eskimo designs

henna design inspired, I love the elephant

ancient English pictogram's, & more henna art

doodle gonehorribly wrong, & more ancient English pictogram's

I hope you had fun!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

my christmas stocking

This year I decided to make myself a christmas stocking that says Flora!
I havent finished with it yet, but I think it's a good start!

I've made the old one over to my BIL since I don't think he has one yet.

I made one for Lily too, as this is her first christmas, I know she doesn't have one.

they are spending christmas morning with us this year.

it will be nice to have the whole family together for the first time.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

I grew up on the north side of Chicago under the bleachers of Wrigley field (down the block actually it just sounds more poetic! )

one block north on grace was an old convent-I don't remember which one-who's bells would toll the hours & had special bells for noon & Monday evening, Saturday & Sunday mass.
all the other churches in the neighborhood would do the same so when the hour came you would hear all the bells go almost at once.
my favorite were the Christmas bells 8:00 in the morning they would peel the descending bells for 10 minutes to celebrate the coming of Christmas morning. i so miss that sound.

behind the high stone walls of the convent used to be an orphanage. which turned into a school for disturbed children. one of the students set the bell tower on fire one night & it fell to the ground with a final muffled bong.

I didn't realize how much I missed the comforting sound of church bells, until we moved into our house & I discovered that st.Ferdinand's church still has bells that toll the hour & have "specials" for noon & high holidays.
the bell towers in Chicago, for the most part are all automated & recorded., or have their bells muted if they have bells in them at all.
yet another part of childhood gone the way of the wrecking ball. sigh

Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas purses

I am currently making little purses, for the Girlie's in my life.
I give my inspiration to Janet of I'm going crazy; you come too.
I love her purses, they are soo beautiful!

for my youngest, who loves dogs, but can't have one because of allergies

one for my eldest, who loves fairies

& one for her best friend who loves sharks, any one know where I can find a shark patch?

Friday, November 16, 2007

my stitch diary

I decided to put a few pages of my stitch diary on my blog today.

you never know where an Idea will come from.

most of these are just random drawings & some have a purpose,

all are things I've seen & liked the look of or imagined & worked with until it felt right.

I don't always use everything I draw,but sometimes in drawing something I find another solution to whatever is stumping me.
maby by looking into my stitch diary, It might encourage you to make your own.
I find that sharing is helpful & it almost always shakes something loose.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

my creative mess & a critter tale

since Allison Aller has shown her mess & given the link to Alma Stoller, .
who has challenged all of us to show our creativity storms.
I am posting pics of my own mess, which surprisingly enough isn't so messy.
Here is my room from the door looking north

the corner leading to my "Closet" looking out from the closet

the west wall with all my rulers, skiving pictures & shelf stuffmy sewing table.
I had to clean it up a bit to move it around some & make it easy for the DH to get out the window to fix the roof before we had bigger problems than a little leak in my DS's room.
not to mention replacing tiles where a raccoon was trying to get into the eaves.
pesky critter!
I was up late one night sewing to the light of my Machine & looked out the window to see this very FAT raccoon digging up tile outside the window!

so I yelled at it, & It HISSED at me!
Cheeky Bugger!
I then flapped my hands at it to shoo it off the roof,
it turned it's back on me & went back to digging up the tiles!
That's when I decided, I had enough of this sort of behavior.
Bad enough, to get that sort of thing from the DD's & DS, I was not taking it from a Raccoon!
so I threw my shoe at it.

& missed. Crap!
so I threw the other shoe at it.
right in the tush! ha! take that wild kingdom!
(run around the room with hands in the air, yelling YES!)

Flora, the fearless raccoon chaser!
( hear queens-we are the champions in the background!)
any how I got rid of the critter.
we fixed the the problem & put new tiles down on the roof.

now back to that messy fun stuff,
the press by the couch, where I put all my works in progress. makes it easy to clean, just shut the lid!

one of the chests of drawers I keep my larger stash in
2nd drawer is full of "after 5" fabrics
I've also got drawers full of velvet, gauzy & meshy, eyelet & muslin, old cloths to pretty to toss or hand down.
I can't understand it, Its usually so messy I can't get into the door!
I'm sorry I've let the community down by having a mostly clean room.
I could cheat & show you the children's rooms,
but I'm afraid the board of health has condemned it today!)

well that's the grand tour. hope you enjoyed it.


Friday, November 9, 2007

foolin' around

I've not gotten any of the RR's, so I have been trying to work on some old projects.

But I keep getting distracted by things, like re-arraigning my sewing room .
must be under the influence of Allison Aller & her blog Allies in stitches!

yeah, that's it! It's all allisons fault !)

but seriously folks, don't you hate the dry spell that, propels you into the room love to play in, to CLEAN?

maybe I need a new distraction, & put those old projects in the ufo file, for now.

maybe I will be inspired to them later.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

YFS- I have been blessed

I have finished what I intend to do on Lori's block.
the picture is from an old childhood book of mine, I loved the picture & it fit right in with the song,& the tatting is my first attempt so be gentile !)
Ahh it's good to have a scanner again!
the old one was dieing a slow and terrible death by inches & grinding noises, so we finnally got a new one after much fussing & pricing. I must say this one while noisier , is much faster. the old one was 7 years old, so it was about time to upgrade anyway. & it does double sided copies. COOOL!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

weather, or not

Well we just had one of our patented Chicago weather changes
one day its 85* & the next its 50*( brrrrr!)
we do the same thing in what passes for spring around here.
one day it'll be nasty & 35* & the next thing you know the suns out,
it's 75* & your still in a sweater & heavy socks!

we had to run around the house closing the storm windows & bleeding the radiators!
I need to get all the sweaters & fall & winter coats out of the storage space & put all the shorts away before someone thinks it still 85* out!

we all need to acclimatize some. I discovered to my dismay 3 sweaters were almost enough to keep warm!
I love this weather!
the leaves on the trees will start to change any day now, & chimneys will start to smoke.
then after Halloween, Thanksgiving is next, my absolute favorite Holiday! The whole family will get together With a few Friends & mt DH will make one or two of his marvelous cheese cakes & deep fry a few turkeys (YUM!) i'll make sweet potato crunch, green bean casserole, fresh cranberry sauce & a honey baked ham! OOOOH! I can't Wate!

now if I can just find the humidifiers, before my lips start peeling!

Ann's Oriental all done

I don't normally post this much with one project
But I had so much fun with it,that I am thinking of making one for myself!
I'm pleased with how this one came together, tho it is not in the same colorways as the other 4 blocks, it doesn't clash with them either. it does stand out! (G!)

I loved the picture of the girl brushing her hair, It's so calming. then I thought about who is this girl?
is she the wife or daughter of a well to do family ?
what things would be a part of her world?
What peaceful pieces could I incorporate into this piece.
the flowers from her garden.
the 3 trees were fun to do. the ginkgo & the bamboo were the first things I put down,
The orange tree ws last because my thread would have caught on all the oranges, & made me crazy!
the boy fabric, is he her teasing brother or her son ?
the butterfly fabric is beautiful with the butterflies & cherry blossoms & it's that "honking orange" I love to incorporate into almost all my quilts .

the koi pond is also some of my favorite fabric.
It reminds me of when we go to the Morton arboretum, they have this pond with the most Enormous koi. the children keep feeding them & every year they get bigger & bigger.
this year they look big enough to swallow small dogs!

anyway thees where some of the thoughts I had while stitching & I just thought I'd share them with you.

thanks for coming , see you again some time!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ann's Oriental update

I thought I would give you an update on how the progress is going with the oriental block. I don't do this muck, not because I don't want you to see what I'm doing, but because I get all involved & for get to!

most of the seam treatments are laid down but not finished, I have a few beads planned, some embroidery to be named later & maby even some SRE. well have to see. I just got my next YFS block so I'll have to cogitate on it.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ann's Oriental block

I just got my hot little hands on Ann's fabric & here is the result!

I'm planning on a whole lotta seam treatments beads , bells whistles & suff! he,he,he,!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Romance & Lucy

This is the finished romance block for Lori. I wish I could have put a few more things into it I just ran out of creative gas for this one & I wanted to get it out to the next in line by the dead line. tho I think I did ok. It's a lighter block than the previous two, I hope it pleases Lori's sense of theme.
It's just not as encrusted as I thought it should be, given Lori's example.

this is the first block in the YFSRR that I received & I enjoyed it a lot.
Lucy in the sky with diamonds is one of my moms favorite Beatles tunes so I heard it a lot growing up. I'm glad I got to be the first to embellish this one. Lesa, I hope you like my rendition of Lucy. I took the outline from an Illustration of Polychrome, the rainbows daughter, from one of L.Frank Baum's later OZ books. the seam treatments are depicting the sky with diamonds. thankyou for the song!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Christy's Kitty

Ok, Christy, here goes,

I couldn't find an other open block so I tried to work with what was left & the results are

so-so. I'm not entirely pleased but I'm not disappointed enough to rip it out & start all over again. if you have any idea's about colors that will pop on that patch everything i have tried so far has blended right in.

I'm also gonna do a bunch more seam treatments on the leftover open seams.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Here is the work so far on Lori's romance block & closeups of the corners.
I had the idea of incorporating some of my favorite love songs into the piece,
with a smattering of love stories, thrown in for good measure.

Upper left hand corner is not done.
Persuasion-by Jane Austin, is the name for this corner, she is wearing a"string of Pearls"
so far I have just added beading to the lace, the Eiffel tower for "an American In Paris" the tatted flowerlets for"April In Paris" & a few seam treatments

Lower left hand corner don't have a title for yet maybe I'll keep"She Loves you(Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)" or maybe" a tattoo for my love"

lower righthand corner is "Jane Eyre"-by Charlotte Bronte they have "Star Eyes" & "Blue Velvet' but as I said before that one seems like cheating, so far that's all I have for this one

Upper right hand corner is "When i'm 64" they are standing under "pennies from heaven" &
" stormy weather" also "three coins in the fountain"

so as you can see I've got more work to do.


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