Friday, May 17, 2019

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So I got my quilts back from the show

and all the notes from judging

All I have to say about it is

They have no idea how to judge a crazy quilt.

No, really.

They seemed to have ultimately judged my quilts on the sole fact that they aren't perfectly straight and don't lie flat.

Because they were simply over the moon about everything else!

The quilts were all considered for a ribbon and descried as, beautifully done over all, exquisite use of color, Impeccable embroidery, excellent beadwork, amazing silk ribbon embroidery. Embellishments over the top, Too much to look at was one of the admonishments, Fussy cutting well done and beautiful sequin work?

Those last three comments made me realize, They don't have any idea what a crazy quilt is.

there was no fussy cutting on the quilt at all unless you mean the lace and the sequins come with the motifs that I then sewed in place, in other words not mine. as for too much to look at (!?!) reminds me of prince someone or another telling Mozart he used too many notes! Not that I compare myself to Mozart.

So now I have a decision to make because if I point out that they need to make a category for crazy quilts or at least a section for hand work as defined by Hand embroidery using one or more stitches to define a seam. cause there was a dearth of felt work at the show too.
Their own definition for mixed work was too broad, contained everything and they ultimately gave the ribbons to people who made traditional quilts with a twist. sigh.

If I do this I am going to be volunteered as their resident "Expert" and do I want that?


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