Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas Quilts received

 All the quilts that I gifted this year and couldn't show until they were opened

For my son the blue and tan scrappy quilt that started this crazy sane quilting thing.

For his Fiance Butterflies in blue

for my daughters mother in law Roses

And for my daughter and her husband
more peacocks

there are two more out there but the recipients haven't opened them yet...

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Sunday, December 23, 2018


Yes, the time for the over commercialization of christmas is come. It is now unavoidable.
Every store you walk into, be it a malls hoity-tioty specialty shop or the bodega down the block has put the relentlessly cheerful christmas music on frenetic. As though every one want's to hear "little drummer boy" for the thirty millionth time this season. Grump, grump, grump!

Now before you all go and label me the grinch, let me explain; much of this yuletide grousing comes from years of working in the, aforementioned, mall.
Where as a mere worker bee you are expected to bear the brunt of Whitney, Celine and Mariah belting out christmas cheer for all their worth, on minimum wage, for 7.5 hours a day, no overtime. Whist being battered and abused by the rudest and most clueless shopper of them all, the last minute guy (sorry/not!/ if your him but really man, you had all year!) with a BIG smile on your face.
Generally by this time turned into the travesty of a grin by dozens of LMGs impatiently scurrying for the "Perfect" gift for the most important persons in his life, that he could only manage the 20 minutes before christmas to think of shopping for.   -.-
I hate this guy. He likes to think himself busy.  Try being a mall drone 9pm christmas eave.
It sucks donkeys........., well you know, I don't think I have to enumerate here. Those who have been there sympathize, those who have not try and that's good enough.

You probably won't be surprised that I celebrate solstice as opposed to chritstmas. To many years of having a higher power shoved at me by well-meaning relatives. I do however believe in Faeries.

They are only with us for a very short time and you have to appreciate them while they are here.
They don't have wings and they only seem tiny and delicate.
They do however have small grubby, sticky hands and cookie breath and their laughter will melt the badness from your heart, every time.
Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Felting #2

 So I made a BIG Mistake over the holiday.   
I cleaned.👀😜
Yep, House is all sparkly clean, spick and span. I can't find ANYTHING. Ugh! 

I take comfort in knowing neither can my husband

And he helped

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Monday, November 19, 2018


There's Something about Felt

the way it feels when you work it

soft to the touch and inviting

 the way it looks in piles colorful bits of warm and fuzzy

or when you've finished sewing it down finally neat in its encompassing stitches

hmmm, I thing crow needs a wing to go with that worm

 a little lumpy but always warm and inviting

one is never afraid to sleep under, sit on or otherwise use a felt quilt

its home

and homey things

things that make you feel warm and fuzzy

things that make you think of the future and  family and what lays ahead

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Monday, October 15, 2018

zen and the atr of quilting

 I'm in my happy place again

the sun is shining through the prisms

sending little rainbows all over the sewingroom

 the window is open for now 'cause its warm in the sun

I've got something on the machine and something  in the longarm
(thank goodness for charity quilts and the quilt guilds who spawn them!)

 practicing my feathers when piecing gets boring or frustrating in a rippit sort of way

Giving myself plenty to do so I can ignore politics for another week or so

I've gotten a lot of practice this year!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

the throes

I have a bad case of the throes,

as every quilter realizes at some point in their quilting career

there are way more Ideas in their heads than they can ever make in reality

and when you are a quilter like me

who is well and truly bitten,

you have more than one hobby horse to ride

this makes for a messy table

or two............

I am always in the throes of an idea

I've various stages of done laying about the house.

I try to keep them contained but they keep crawling out across various tables in the house

tossing themselves around

at least that's what I tell myself

You know they just got out again, like recalcitrant puppies refusing to stay in their basket

here's another one!

and you have to lay it all out so you can see all the colors and how they will interact with each other!

next thing you know there are parts all over the room

It just exploded! honest!

I need to stop buying fabric, is what I need to do.


that last pile ended up looking like this so the process is messy

but look at all the pretty colors!

Monday, October 8, 2018

the bird book

 A long, long time ago, I joined two separate round robbins with Crazy Quilting International

one round robbin was to CQ your favorite poem

one of mine is "When Women were birds" by
Terry Tempest Williams

“Once upon a time,
when women were birds, t
here was the simple understanding
that to sing at dawn and to sing at dusk
was to heal the world through joy.
The birds still remember
what we have forgotten,
that the world is meant to be celebrated.”
 When Women Were Birds: Fifty-four Variations on Voice

I was quite pleased when these blocks came back, though only two had the phrases sewn in that went with their pieces.

I always meant to sew the rest but never got around to that part as so many other things were pressing then.

what were they? I cant remember. I just remember something else needed to be done and I put the blocks aside.

 The other round robbin  theme was Women in gardens(?) I think.

And that one came back to me exquisitely sewn too!

and then life so it got put with the others and sat sad and neglected at the bottom of the ufo box

I took them out earlier this year
thinking to make them into a wall hanging

but that wasn't good enough either
so they sat on the desk in the "waiting" pile.

then I got them out to show someone and they got all mixed up together and well,

 they looked good together
so I thought "Aha! a book!"

and here it is.

the bird book

Monday, September 24, 2018

Wichi-poo doll

 I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before

a bit thick I guess.

Isn't she sassy?

Her slippers are bats (of course)

her skirt and hat are both CQed

shes got an under skirt and her body is made from green dot cotton and barber pole stripes

So much fun this was!

I made up the pattern for her skirt and hat

as there really wasn't one in the Tilda pattern book I was using

and now I can't remember which one I used but I think it was the christmas one from last year.

 The one side I used a small lace motif and beaded it on and gave it a little fringe and some extra flowers

The other side has ribbon roses and a ghost bead though in the picture you can't quite see it

I had a hard time not getting blurry pics for this so excuse if they aren't up to snuff

there are skull beads all over the place and fringe and lace and ribbon and did I tell you how much fun I was having here?

I tried to keep it down to two colors besides the black silks and velvet's I used for the skirt

 Do you know how hard that is?

especially when the purples and browns were yelling at me from their boxes!

but I managed it, whew!

there is a lovely green spiderweb and a sparkly spider

a dangling skeleton

the ribbon roses all have a skull in their middles as a surprise guest!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Another elderberry faerie

I think this is one of my favorite of Cicely Mary barkers faeries.

The berries just lend themselves to be embellished deeply with beads.

as you can see I've been here before.

She was the first faerie I did when I started this project in 2013(!)

It's fitting she should be one of the last.

I will be interested to see how I have improved since I last saw her.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

The last faerie and other stuff

 It seems I am not done with the faeries yet

I found 3 more panels digging around for something else,

I'm sure some of you can relate

I've been a berry busy bunny this summer

lots to sew and do and wow It's August already?

How'd thAt happen?


there were birthdays in all of that mess too

the Peacocks were made for my dd#1

Good long arm practice they were too!

Then there's the help/nothelp

Napping on the job as usual

I'm kinda proud of the quilting on this one

Its a panel so again so I'm cheating but It was to much fun to pass up!

I'm getting better!

I can see it in my swirls

This is the back to another one

you can see the front when I give it to it's intended

Then there is this quilt, I was given 3 donor flimsies by Susan the owner of Gathering Fabrics

It seems these poor babies were the last made by one of her ladies before she died and donated by her husband as "I don't know what to do with these ones, please find a home for them." Quilts

My working theory, now that I have done this one is that it was an early quilt made with 30's fabrics and originally made into a tied quilt with synthetics taken apart that she meant to "Do something" with and never got around to.

I loved working with this one even though I had to pick out the old bits of synthetic yarn that was used to tie it, yech.
I also had to do some spot repairs because many of the seams were splitting due to uneven seams and the age of the fabric.

I used what was left of the extra yellow and green and added some pink from my own stash to finish the backing.

I'm following Angela Walters Swirl-a-long on youtube and am getting much better as I go.

I love the different looks that I got from the different style of swirl

The top 2 differentiation's let the fabric lie flat
they are the swirl echo and swirl in swirl

whereas the feather swirl all over is "lumpier"

And the obligatory Vegi garden for this year

I'm going to have hella cucumbers!

I paired the zucchini down to 2 plants this year and they have started to produce as well as the tomatoes but those I can preserve if I need to.

What do I do with cucumbers?

I obviously did not think it through well enough this spring as they have never gotten big enough to produce more than 3-4 misshapen cuecs in previous years, eep!


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