Friday, June 27, 2014

Gardens and flowers RR-Elizabeths blocks

 so we start with a spray in the bottom not quite corner with feather stitches, rose buds and mokuba ribbon flowers

then we go up to the upper right hand for the spiderweb and some beaded lace trim and green french knot berries

blue Sre flowers to bring out the blue design in the bottom fabric and yellow trumpet flower vine to hang the spiderweb from and a purple and green spider to dangle off the end all drips down the right side of the block

on the left side I ran a bunch of crimson SRE daisies on a field of lace and ribbon

then across the bottom I ran a wave of pearl daisies with green sprays topped off with green and purple beads
 I tried to balance my block with Barb and Shelly's blocks and added a little more lace

 I hope you like it!

Rotten Rabbit!

I see you!
Eating buttercups under that bush!

sorry, Elizabeth!          I didn't see him till it was too late !

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Garden and flowers RR-Barb's block

 I chose the Birdbath block from Barb's assortment and gave her blue birds for her garden

along with a butterfly, dragonflies and a snail.

as I wanted the birdbath to be the focus all the stitching is relatively subtle

I gave her lavender and yellow climbing roses  and a snail

I'm sending this off ASAP to Dana as I'm already late I hope it will not hold her up to badly


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