Monday, August 7, 2017

Hexipoluza #3

 so my Philosophy of zen quilting is this, slow hand sewing should be a safe non-judgmental place. a place where we as women, mothers and humans should take time for ourselves to be quiet and reflective.

Take as long as you need to finish that seam or embellishment and if it's wonky, so what?
 when was the last time you gave yourself permission to make a mess?

Ask yourself

Does it always have to be perfect?

Does it always have to have a purpose?

Does it always have to be meaningful?
 I want my classes to be a place where perfection is not the goal because you are not coming to class with the skills to make it so.

You are coming to class with the desire to learn and in so doing, wil make mistakes and your seams will be wonky.
So much of sewing is muscle memory.
Like driving or cooking when you are concentrating on it you notice how far away to not hit the curb or just how much of a spice for that perfect taste

It all becomes second nature after you do it for months and years but untill then, you concentrate on just how long that stitch should be before you can just "feel" it.

So go ahead, give yourself permission to make a mess, take a few days to get that stitch.
We as women and mothers don't do that for ourselves as much as we should.
We need to realize if only at our sewing table, it's ok to take our time, to make mistakes and do it over again.

Our lives are so busy taking care of everything and everyone we forget to take care of ourselves. We forget that we need "quiet time".
SLow stitching does that for me and I like to share it.


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