Wednesday, November 18, 2009

playing with my organ

I thought that might get your attention, naughty girls!)
I have finished my BF's christmas stocking!

Gold ribbon went a long way to making the organs keyboard pop, what the picture doesn't show is that the bugle beads are a shimmery purple over black.

I made little christms trees of green glass leaf red stars, to brighten up that piece of lace at the top of the piece.

I also added black and purple beads to the corner seam treatment, a silver bugle charm to the wreath, my BF's name and gold beads to the poinsettia round out the upper half of the stocking.

the final bit of beading was to the green lace motif where i used lots of white and MOP beads of birds stars and hearts.

everything on the stocking represents something he loves or is dear to him. i want to point out the robin patch his mothers name is robin and the little face at the corner represents a sun, to mean Son of Robin. a little play on symbolism there.

I also want to thank you all for your kind words of encouragement and praise it was a lovely surprise to see how many of you look into my humble bog. Thank you:)


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