Saturday, November 5, 2011


I finally sent Kathy's block back to her.
being the last person to play on a block has as many challenges as being the first!

I felt the need to "bring the room together" on this one.

all the ladies did a wonderful job on their little corner of the block but it was all so linear I felt the need to blur the lines.
I added a BIG yellow spiderweb to contrast the little bits of yellow that were scattered here and there and the spider echos the wonderful magenta of the top right corner patch,

I also extended the trailing leaves from Barbara's (R?) down into the pansy patch at the bottom and 

last but not least I added a pink and purple dragonfly to the top right, to hide that hard end of the lace and draw the eye down into the center of the block

I hope you like the result.


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