Monday, March 20, 2017

Fairies en Rouge

so, I just finished putting together 4 of my blocks from the last year, or so.

 Do you know how hard it is to catch a fairie?

 and then they just giggle at you

 and toss rosehips at your head, when you try to sew them together.


Monday, March 13, 2017

sanity claus

 What project would be complete without my assistants mrs. molly fluffy butt and her daughter miss. Violet fur pants

 As I have said before I'm keeping myself sane by sane quilting.

 I've moved a sewing machine table into my little area. It looks more cramped than it is. I like the way I can reach everything I need, except maybe the iron. I need to think on that.

 Not that I have fallen out of love with the crazy, I have been feeling the need for instant gratification and accomplishment.

I think we can all agree that crazy quilting is not a fast project, at least not the way I do it.

I need the high of quickly completed quilting.

That being said I still have to sandwich, quilt and bind the silly things so there is more to do than just the topping I've been doing.

But that's for another day.

Right now I'm in the zone out, zen up, of piecing.

I'm loving 1/2 square triangles right now!

and flying geese...

 of course the hubs had to get into the act.........


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