Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Oh, the Sanity!

we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon in April and as is customary I bought more fabric than I meant to.

I have (finally) finished the pattern I bought for it all

as may of you may know I wander off into sane quilting every once in a while and when I do it takes me months to finish what I start mostly because I know find the cutting peacing and sewing down of regular quilting well, BORING! OMG! somebody shoot me please, what was I thinking!

OK now that I have gotten that out of my system I feel really proud of myself, when I can actually finish one of these things in under a year!

the first one is a little wall hanging I saw the turtle pattern in the quilt shop in Volcano village I didn't get it but it played with me in my head until I sewed it down I was originally thinking of putting more turtles on this but my appliqué skills are so rusty I don't want ruin what I have so far .

the second one I couldn't resist (even though I tried!) I bought as a kit for a table runner with one line of pineapples and then fell I lust with more of the fabric so it has turned into a lap quilt.

now I just have to sammich, quilt and bind the darned thing.
this is where it may take longer to finish.....


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