Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My new space

I have a new work space, in my new home, in my new town of Bothell Washington!

I know some people out there get a little "hinky" about showing their workspace to the world. I have no such compunctions, I am a mess, get used to it!) It's not so bad really I know where most everything is (unless someone messes with my piles) and I have a place for almost everything.
Now If I could only get it there!

I have a lovely picture window looking out on the backyard and the lovely draping tree, whose name
I know not, and southern exposure!

this picture doesn't do it justice but it's raining (again) and Foggy (again) and the window really needs a good wash!

you see in the big northwest, southern
exposure doesn't necessarily mean lots of sun light. It does, however, mean lots of good bright light.

I also, still have a lot of tidying up to do and it doesn't help that I keep getting lost in the small stuff. ie, open a box of fabric, lace, beads,etc. and organize it, instead of actually putting away the mess.

and as my space is right out in the open, I have to do more in the way of reining in the usual insanity that is my work space.

so far I have gotten the pile management down fairly well and it helps that my Dear BF does pile management too;) as long as our piles don't get too mixed up we should be fine!

I like being out where i can be a part of everything going on in the house rather than shut away upstairs in the attic!

I also caught sight of a visitor today. so far as I can tell "Grey kitty" is a boy, very shy and a mouser extraordinaire. We have been encouraging him to stick around by leaving offerings, as you can see he has accepted our latest, by licking the plate clean!


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