Wednesday, October 1, 2008

HomeMom again

Whelp, my foray into gainful employment has ended with the voting down of the bailout bill.

being that BMW's are a purely luxury item, this was not much of a surprise.

what this means to me is spending more time and attention on the kids(much to their dismay) a clean house everyday(instead of only on the weekends), empty laundry baskets, and full meals.

this is all to the good. I still miss the daily contact of co-workers (yes even the annoying ones)

this also means I will be blogging more. weather someone is still out there or not.

maby I'll get my sewing mojo back into the bargain. I did start making christmas ornaments for various co-workers, I should finish them and send them out anyway. their not done yet but here are the beginings.

sorry for the blurry bits


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