Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grow your blog party!

welcome to all those who enter here!

I am going to cheat a little
since i have in the past given little home mini tours I am going to give links to those previous tours here and here and here.

I know I'm supposed to give you all a little blah, blah about who I am and what I do, but those probably do it best.

as for what I am working on now well that's anyones guess! I have a boat-load of UFO's to catchup on, new projects, monthly doings i haven't even started on, a class to teach and 1/2 finished projects, that I'm feeling quite snowed under!

what was I thinking????

  anywhoo, welcome to

Uncle Monk's coat of arms

bird embroidered pin cushion

where I embroider,

Heritage CQ

  crazy quilt,

Pineapple quilt

                                         sane quilt,

Oceans lady whole cloth quilt

 out of Whole cloth

Bead journal project

garden and bead myself into a fine frappachino

much of this is just what comes to me at the time,

 some is sent on the wings of inspiration
Appleblossome Faerie

Violet faerie
  Some I find I've wanted to do for years

Therisa's grandma's grand green bug

and just thought now is the time to start

Still others are just appropriate to the spot
BJP   2013

   some projects come in a series

BJP 2013
BJP 2013

and some are all alone

but all are me in some way!


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