Monday, April 27, 2015

april CQJP

April starts with a basket


to fill with eggs of course?

I wove 4mm brown sre to make the basket

this block is dedicated to cretin stitch

Sorry I didn’t have my camera with me to take the layer pictures before they got "layered"

  I satin stitched a bunny, who decided the flowers at the bottom corner looked tasty

 I did a bunch of fancy beading around my stitching this block

 It looks a little empty at the corners but there is a lot going on at the seams

Friday, April 24, 2015


bead central
basket for overflow beads
someone recently asked about what containers we would recommend using for organizing your stash.

I use a variety of thing to put my stuff in.

clear straws for beads
for me beads are important,

 I like to put them in the most stable containers that I can still see through.

 I like the clear screw tops in several sizes the best,
these boxes are ok and cheaper than the others.
basket of thinga i use a lot

many baskets

 clear straws can be used for small amounts of beads, just use a pair of needle nose pliers and a lighter to close the bottoms

box o'rama

 I have boxes to hold a variety of things from projects in process

 some I have had for a looong time
tin of flowers

I also have a weakness for tins

  I find many of my big boxes at Ross for about 1/2 what they cost in joannes or micheals
box of krenik and empties

SRE box

lace and ribbon boxes

SRE project tin

boxes of balls of twist
drawers for tools

more currant project boxes

frames and the scrap basket

Currant project boxes
a good window is nice to


 It all depends on how you work best

I like oraganization

with a little chaos while i work

got a new desk to work at too

with more shelf space  it helps keep me from spreading out all over the house

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

March cqjp

Still catching up.

I may "catch up " all the way through June or august,

since may is going to be busy and my youngest ddd comes to visit through august

then my son is coming to live with us in september.

I may have not much in the way of sewing time.

I used buttonhole stitch this time.

I "colored in" the fan and added flower beads and  tassle.

 I folded the green gingham ribbon below it and used yellow beads to tac it down,

a beaded bug holds down the lower right hand corner.

 I sewed white sre daisies over the left hand corners up and down buttonhole which I left plain

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

CQJP February

catching up on the Cqjp, at least bare with me while i try

I thought id give you a quick overview of the blocks first then get into details

so first layer is the nekked block

then your first layer of stitches, since I'm also using my blocks for the BJP and joyful embellishments each block is going to have a stitch theme.

he theme here is herringbone stitch for the base

Herringbone is a very versatile stitch that you can do all sorts of fun stuff with

here I finished it with beads and lazy daisies

then sequins and faux seed pearls

the butterfly is for the BJP and is fully beaded on felt to give it a bit more dimention

the motif here is stem stitch, leaf and flower beads

I finished this one with larger beads and lazy daisy

here the herringbone is large and small inverted with beads and lazy daisy

there are 2 other herringbone I left unfinished more for effect 


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