Saturday, November 19, 2016

the penny rug

 THere I have finally done it!

I've been promising myself a penny rug for the lOngest of times and now I am almost done

I found this kit at one our more brilliant quilt stores in Issiquah
called Gossypium

she has such lovely felts along with a few  balls of Finca

but I couldn't resist this one

 Its so happy and colorful

with its cheerful blooms and

                 of course

crazy quilting!

each bloom has its own different fabric and its own stitches down all its sides

I made a few modifications here and there

 and it ended up a trifle lopsided in the middle but over all I am well pleased with it

it was a fun, relatively, quick piece to do and didn't take too much brain power

which is a good thing as my poor little brain, hasn't been up to the task of late

this is my favourite panel, there is something inherently cheerful about daisies don't you think?

and when your in a funk, daisies are just the ticket!


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