Saturday, January 28, 2017

paris! CQJP 2017

Starting a new project is always always little difficult.

Where do I start?

There's nothing to work off of, no stuff to build on.

The yawning chasm of the blank canvas.

Sometimes design comes easy, sometimes, not so much.

My advise, just start. Roll the dice, pick a few random numbers and pick a book, choose choose a design and go for it.

 I love the sre basket of flowers and the blue bird

The pretty floral bonnet is felt sewn down with floss and sre accordion rose

I wanted something to fill in but not take away from the  lavender fabrics it seemed to not be playing well well with the rest of the block

I did a lot of beading on this piece as well
 Every year I challenge myself with something new or something I need to work on

Year one was stitches and beading

Year 2 was living through the year

This year it's sre. I don't do a lot of  it so this year I've challenged myself to do more, bigger, blousier sre.

Also to do more inn the way of embroidered scene motifs

Like the bird and the bonnet

Then integrate that within my style of over zealous beadwork and intricate seam treatments 

The bjp got dropped on the floor last year

So I will try to pick that up again as well with something over beaded like the pink, blue and green trim in the bottom right hand corner

Though I still need to work on that idea
It's  the best I have so far

Thursday, January 5, 2017

resolution or list?

I'm not much for new years resolutions. I've tried them in the past and they last about as long as my attention span, which is another way of saying, not long.
 I am, however, a fan of lists and organizing and blogging about my thought process and why I do things in the way I do them.
I find this helps me to put things into perspective. It also helps me when I can put an actual name or a why to feelings and thoughts.

so this year I decided to write all this down and inflict them on you people.

1) What makes me most productive? (sounds simple enough but sometimes it just helps to write it down)
    a) having the tools I need to do my project (duh)
    b) having an organized place to do my project (it doesn't have to be 
clean, just organized so I can find stuff)
    c) light (double duh)
    d) an Idea of what my project will be when its done (sometimes this is very important, sometimes not so much. depends on how creative I'm feeling that day)
    e) emptying my head of useless thoughts (pertaining to the project)
    f) staying the hell off Facebook! (Oh yeah!)
    g) starting work in the morning when the light is the best ( I work best in the morning)
    h) bloggong about my process (hi there)
    i) a good breakfast (car works best when full so do you)
    j) being comfortable (try getting something creative done when your not)
    k) keeping hydrated (water keeps your tummy from distracting you with demands for junk food)

2) What projects do I want to do? Ha! what don't I want to do?
    I suggest making a list of projects, including the yard work and house work you want to get done and revise as needed. 
you know what you need to do, writing it down puts in front of your mind 
and it works on that, instead of what so-and-so said about whatever.
Chances are you have just as long a list as I do so it should keep you too busy to worry or agonize about the other stuff. 

3) How best to accomplish these projects? (AH, introspection)
    a)have a routine
    b) exercise ( get those grey cells moving)
    c) put a time limit on social media distractions ( go ahead and surf just don't do it all day)
    d) keeping my tools organized ( can't use it if you can't find it)
    e) make a plan and stick to it (it helps, really)
    f) give myself time and space when my creativity wanes (sometimes you just need to walk away from it)
    g) if its not working GO DO SOMETHING ELSE (really, go for a walk, or scrub something)
    h) sometimes its ok to do nothing (the world will not fall apart if you sit your butt on the couch and potato for a day)
    i) give yourself a break ( and not just for lunch)
    j) clean off your workspace every once in a while ( just saying)
    k) organize your stuff so you can find it( you'll be surprised what you might find, again)
l) Have a place you can put your project when it goes dormant ( because sometimes your muse just gets up and goes on vacation)

4) What inspires me? ( sounds simple enough but is a good practice to get into reminding yourself what makes you tick)
    a) Pictures- mine/ other peoples (research)
    b) books- pintrest- paintings (more research)
    c) sketching it out (part of the planning)
    d) research (learning the history of an idea helps)
    e) deep contemplation (looks like taking a walk, sitting on the couch or cleaning but is so important)
    f) exercise (can't stress moving the grey matter enough)
    g) cleaning house/yard (something to do when your brain is on the fritz)
    h) gardening (ditto, with fresh air)
    i) music (thought distractor, get up and dance, you know you want to)
    j) reading (sometimes you need to do something else)
    k) poetry (it gives me ideas)
    l) CQ Wednesdays with girlfriends (we do lunch and kibbutz)
    m) organizing my space (so i can find stuff)
    n) gathering the materials for my project (cant use it if you don't have it)

5) What stifles my creativity?     
    a) Facebook suckage ( ever been on that thing and next thing you know dinners pizza, again?)
    b) brain fry (sky blue, tree pretty. that's it. that's all I got)
    c) anxiety ( and who isn't after this election?)
    d) too many thoughts that are self deprecating/non-productive (youre wonderful, just not all the time and that's ok. now go have some chocolate)
    e) anger at things I have no control over and can not change or effect ( this election for example)
   f) not having the tools I need when I need them (clean off your desk dummy)
   g) not being organized (can't find it, don't have it, I just had it...)
   h) not being set up to work (I put it away and now I need it, sigh)
   i) not having a plan (sometimes intuitive creativity is a good thing and sometimes you sit there and skive the day away)
   j) being stuck on a part that is nOt working (walk away)
   k) discomfort (bad chair, bad posture all bad for creating)
   l) not being able to find what I need (stops me in my tracks sometimes)

so there you go. the basic questions are good ones to think about.
my thoughts with commentary in blue, I don't know about you but I have this sarcasm fairy in my head, who can't let a thought go without commenting on it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

CQJP 2017

All with the cats approval of course.
she likes this one the best, this is molly my inspector of all things
nothing may be done in this house without the express approval of the cat.

 believe me things are better this way


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