Monday, February 5, 2007


Oh, My, God! Is it cold here in Chicago!
The weatherman says it may get up to 6deg,(oooh1 a heat wave!)
if the sun ever decides to come out.
right now its a balmt -20 with wind chill factor.
I need to make a batch of hunga, hunga food
to warm up the Indians when they get back from school
it's definitely beef stew & hearty soup time, in my house!

in other news I'm Crazy Quilting up a storm!
I'm not happy with my 1st block,
but the second is lovely &
the third will turn out to be my best effort yet!
 I'm sorry about having to show them in 1\2s, but my loving hubby has the camera & I had to copy them on the scanner

I've also been looking through SharonB's take a stitch tuesday web site, otherwise known as TAST,
(& who isn't!) so many wonderful idea's for stitching my brain hurts!
I love doing all the stitches & can't wait for tomorrow for the new lesson.
I'm having troubl adding links to my blog so this is my next project.
I want to link you who visit with all the b e a utiful cq out there!


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