Monday, September 24, 2018

Wichi-poo doll

 I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before

a bit thick I guess.

Isn't she sassy?

Her slippers are bats (of course)

her skirt and hat are both CQed

shes got an under skirt and her body is made from green dot cotton and barber pole stripes

So much fun this was!

I made up the pattern for her skirt and hat

as there really wasn't one in the Tilda pattern book I was using

and now I can't remember which one I used but I think it was the christmas one from last year.

 The one side I used a small lace motif and beaded it on and gave it a little fringe and some extra flowers

The other side has ribbon roses and a ghost bead though in the picture you can't quite see it

I had a hard time not getting blurry pics for this so excuse if they aren't up to snuff

there are skull beads all over the place and fringe and lace and ribbon and did I tell you how much fun I was having here?

I tried to keep it down to two colors besides the black silks and velvet's I used for the skirt

 Do you know how hard that is?

especially when the purples and browns were yelling at me from their boxes!

but I managed it, whew!

there is a lovely green spiderweb and a sparkly spider

a dangling skeleton

the ribbon roses all have a skull in their middles as a surprise guest!


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