Sunday, April 2, 2006

Creativity 0- laziness 10

I just cant seem to get the juices flowing , I started that crazy patch during the Olympics & worked on it till closing ceremonies & haven't picked it up since. The mariners compass has been languishing in a corner somewhere for months now & I haven't put a binding on the ufo, fan project yet. I am a Bad quilter! I've been lazing about on the couch, falling asleep instead of any productive work. The devils playground has taken over, my friends & it ain't pretty!
maybe the quilt show at the Rosemont convention center this Saturday, will kick my butt into some sort of action. I can't seem to get anything finished, nor can I get the will to create going past the half hearted, I have creativity block! Aggghhhh! Help! I need an infusion of spiritus!


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