Sunday, May 15, 2011

the muppet show

I love the muppet show!

I know I should be showing you all what I've been up to for the last month and I will , I will get to this eventually I have BIG news and fun stuff to show off and I have been procrastinating doing it.I've been a little busy with family stuff and life in general. I'll get there just bear with me-get it! BEAR?

I love every thing about it from it's hackneyed, second hand jokes, to the over the top zany goofiness of it.
I love every ragged cliched corner
from fozzie bears awful jokes to dr. bunson honeydews failed experiments
sweetness is my favorite monster
and one of my favorite bits was gonzo's "mouse-i-phone" even though Monty Python did it first with the mouse organ dr teeth, animal, alice and floyed were the best band and boregard-the-janItor cleaned up the mess, of which there were many.
go to netflix or your local best buy and watch it again this is good old-fashioned funny stuff, treat yourself to the giggles.


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