Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh my goodness folksies!

what a summer its been so far and its not over yet!

I will tell you all in dribbs and drabbs I suppose, I haven't quite processed life-as-I-now-know-it as of yet so please bear with me!)

I have done a little to improve the pineapples and palms CQ but lack of creativity CQ
wise seems to be the order of the summer.

I just can't seem to get motervated!

and I'm not sure I like my solution to the storybook CQ block problem, which was upside down panels that just didn't look right. that one is still a work in progress.

life-as-i-know-it will eventually calm down enough so I can detail things again. till then you will have to be satisfied with slow Cq progress!
I will explain some other time, I am just overwhelmed at the moment.



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