Monday, May 13, 2013

Heritage CQ-austria

Lots of birds on this one! 

herons are everywhere along the streams and rivers of austria.
here I have put a mating pair at the top of a tree

swans are a popular sight on the Danube, such elegant birds sailing across the water

you will find art deco everywhere in the artwork and frescoes of  the twenties and wild peacocks on the park lawns

chickens and roosters are portrayed everywhere on furniture and textiles

there is also an abundance of redwork on blouses and jackets

I couldn't resist putting this  little village on the lace this way so it looked like it was perched on a mountain side. I wanted to put a goat in there too but space foiled me!

 and this lovely girl in the center wearing a traditional goldwork vest

and the whole thing.  though I still have a little work to do on it, it is mostly done

I am trying to remember if I have posted any of the other blocks I have 1 to go and with this one have finished 8 so there are 9 total.
I still have the seams between blocks to do.
then I plan to surround it with more cq depicting seattle, where I am now, as a binding.

I will post the others if I haven't already but that will be in a day or so.


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