Saturday, October 19, 2019

Meet the dolls

 I've been wanting to do  post on all the dolls I have been making lately

they are such a relief from some of the projects that I do that take me forever to finish

Some of them you will have seen before Like this lady with whom I made a tutorial


Witchi-poo for whom I've made a new skirt

I gave her old skirt to candy corn as it fits her better

There is Springtime, who was my first dolly and a little lumpy but I didn't know about using a fusible on her parts to prevent that.
I also made the mistake of using black thread to sew her together, oops.

There is sugar plumb who was last years Christmas doll And the wearer of the first hat

And the Patchwork girl

I used a bunch of my leftover pieces from other quilts to make her.

She turned out quite well don't you think?

And then there are the mystery legs.

I haven't quite decided what to do with these yet but something will come to me eventually


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