Saturday, June 25, 2011

grey challenge

 this is how the grey study started off looking.
I soon decided that that shiny piece was too shiny and must be muted!
just putting something over it didn't seem to work
so I took that seam out and re-worked it a little.
 this is what it looked like after I fixed it and added a little bit of trim.
the dark lace toned down that shiny piece nicely.

for me the challenge has been to keep it all in just one colorway and not let it spill out into all the others. though I did turn up an amazing array of greys in my stash!I really didn't have to buy anything!
t a good start I worked on this while Pat, Donna  and I had our first ever Crossroads CQ meeting.

we meet in front of the Jo-anne fabrics.
Wednesdays at 3:00pm.
everyone who can come is invited.
the more the merrier!
 I like how this seam treatment turned out.
the ribbon is couched to keep it from curling up on the edges
but otherwise its threaded through that cheepie plastic silver trim.

 I found a few greys in my stash!
do you think I have enough to finish?
Ok, so I cheated, I bought some beads and the grey silk ribbon,
but I had the rest!
i will also finish the mourning heart for Hideko since it is in the same colors anyway.


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