Sunday, January 8, 2006

I Hate being sick!

I have been down with the flu, for the past 4 days & am getting very cranky!
You know when you've got it bad when you can't peel an orange!
blah! humbug!! grumble, fuss, fuss, fuss!

the children have been wonderful since I've been down.
they bring me food, drink & an occasional hug. When I'm not chasing them out with
admonishments of "I'm sick!" or " you don't want this!" .

the husbands been good too. Reminding me to eat & getting me out to watch
"sleepless in Seattle" last night on TV. He takes such good care of me!

On the brighter side my room is almost clean. Yeay! I found my sewing machine
& as soon as I can climb stairs again I plan to disappear in to it & maybe finish all
the UFO'S I found while cleaning! It is truly amazing how those things collect.
I found them stuffed in corners of the drawers & boxes I must have stuffed them in
when the piece became to frustrating to deal with.

Now,that some time has passed, I can see where a piece can be improved upon,
or where the mistake lies, & I can fix them. There is hope for them yet, to pull them
out of the UFO pile & make something from them

bearly there, Momma Bear


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