Saturday, August 5, 2017

Introducing Bernie

 Isn't she a beaut!

My DDH is the absolute best!

And I got her for a song! I'm so happy with this machine, you have no idea!

It's made me realize just how sad my poor 30 year old Viking Lily was getting.

This baby sews smooth like a babies bottom!
 I'm excited can you tell?

I finished quilting this almost queen sized scrapbasket quilt in 3 days!

Yes the stitching is a little wonky but I do need a little more practice, whee!

I really could not have done this on my old machine at all. Poor thing was refusing to do circles and absolutely balked at any kind of curve at all.

The last time I used it I whent through 4 needles for a single one of those "S" motifs, my DDH said that if I could find a reasonable price for the machine I wanted he would consider getting me a new one.
So when this sweetie came up for sale as a trade-in at one of my local shops that sells and repairs nothing but Berninas, I jumped right on it!

I'm in quilting heaven!

I did the yellow one as a test piece, the day I got Bernie home.
I did  my son's quilt on the long arm at quilting mayhem, over in Snohomish, so I could give it to him for his birthday last week. And I finished mom's lap quilt on the Lily before we left for  Chicago in april.
I now have 5 more tops to finish And I'm so excited now to get them done!


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