Saturday, April 27, 2019

Everette Quilt show #2

All 3 faeries
So, I entered this show

Nice to see people stopping and examining my work!

Sorry the pictures are so blurry but I only had my cell phone and people kept bumping me.

Ladies of elegance

Here are my entries3 faerie wall hangings

and a full quilt I called "ladies of elegance" 

Faeries en rouge
By the time I got there all the ribbons except the viewers choice had been given out.

Alas not for me!

I had been warned by others that judges don't receive crazy quilts well for a variety of reasons,
none of which seem to be consistent across all shows.

which is unfortunate because they sometimes will discount crazy quilts entirely, because many of them have no batting or "real quilting"

 Faeries en violette

Faeries en lavande
Even though I did use my long arm to quilt them in the ditch around each panel

Mine were the only crazy quilts there

The best category I had to enter into was  "mixed technique" They had a "hand quilting" and "Hand pieced" selection but not a "hand work" selection.

I was ready for the disappointment, though

because every one wants to win right?

Yes they also switched the signs, but whatever

Still fun to see my quilts on the wall with official signs on them.


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