Friday, April 26, 2013

some gardening and a block

looking from the garage
 we get a few sunny days up here and everything pops into bloom.

looking from the porch

including the tree pollen which is coating everything!
It's so thick you can see it in the air.

the tulips and daffies are looking happy

In a few years I will have a ton of peonies!

they take a few years to dig themselves into a spot and they don't like being moved, so don't give up on them if they don't bloom in the first year or two the third year is always the charm!


and vinca blooms! who knew?

I'm surprised every year what survives winter around here.

I bought glads again the second year I was here thinking, the ones from last year would be mush  and I have LOTS of glads now !

coming from Chicago, like I do, if you want these you have to buy them new every year

Look who is still around! she looks cozy sunning on a  leaf

 We're going to have lots of daisies too

I put in 4 new rose bushes, along the back wall, to replace the ones that didn't over winter the first year.

I moved the veggi garden over by the fence to a bigger newer box closer to the back porch where the sun isn't occluded for half the day by tree shadow.

I might even try to grow corn again, in the box next to it but I would have to get on that this week or next if I want to eat it by September

I hope to have more than enough tomatoes this year due to the sunnier spot

Sandie's block

 I finished Sandie's block for the poetry and verses RR.

I chose the block called Bliss and nothing says bliss like a steaming hot bubble bath! I gave her candlelight music a rubber duckie and lots of bubbly bubbles!

doesn't she look happy?

good day from under the tree!


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