Sunday, May 29, 2011

BJP-beautiful you are my world

 May BJP is done! woo whoo!
Done and mounted!
whew I thought I'd never get that one done!
now I'm glad I did some of my projects ahead of time It gives me a little breathing room for life and other stuff! ;)
not that that is going to last very long!
july is the last of my work aheads
so i will have to be extra vigilant not to get behind!

boy that one took a bit of doing.
I kept looking at it thinking, "whelp, that don't look right!"
It seemed too crowded and smooshed together all by it's lonesome
so I put a CQed boarder on it in all the navy fancies I could find and it opened right up!
I then took a page from Gerry Kruger and followed her tutorial on making finished blocks.
there you have it! done!
and before the end of the month too!

there is a ton of symbolism on this piece, each paisly representing a different aspect of what we are capabe of.
all our dreams and aspirations, that swirl around us at all times and we have but to reach out.

I also made this piece big enough
(I hope!) to be a base for all the other pieces to gather around. as a connector for the poem in its entirety. Gee I hope it works!


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