Saturday, June 23, 2007

my work place

this is my sewing room under the eaves. as I am right under the roof there is no head room so watch you don't bump your nut!
I do all the time & it huurts!
as you walk in from the door, we're facing north.I love my picture window! all the light I could want & no sun!

this is the east wall, & as I am in the throws of creativity ( throws being the operative word!) things tend to get a little messy! watch your step!

most of the south wall is taken up by the little alcove & the door so this is
what there is of the south wall & the other part of the west wall.
as you can see I have quite a few porcelain dolls. they were my grandmother -in-laws & I love each one of them!

this is of course, the last room that gets any attention, so my attempts at organizing it have been sporadic, to non-existent!
it's also so small (8x8) with sloping walls that storage is at a premium.

I have been peeking at some of the other storage systems from the ladies blogs in CQ4N , collecting idea's .

maybe some day I'll be able to incorporate them into mine!
but for now I have to paint the porch!)

how soon they grow!

It seems like just yesterday that this little guy was running around the house, getting into things.
now look at him!
He's 16 & going off to JROTC camp he will be away from home & for a whole week I will be "boyless".
they grow up so fast!
He wants to take my best friends daughter out on a date when he gets back.
A date! EEP!
STOP! youre growing up too fast!
for me at least!


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