Monday, March 17, 2014

300 posts givaway!

I said i would have a give-away when I reached 300 posts and well here we are!

So leave me a comment and tell me, how much you love this boggosphere we belong to, that connects us from one end of the globe to the other.

That let's us share our creativity with others who understand  and appreciate our obsessions.
As opposed to our relatives who nod and say "that's nice honey" or "anything you do is wonderful" without really looking at it and seeing.
Thank you, people out there in the ether, for being the voice in the wilderness.
You all keep me on track and have given me encouragement over the years.

Thank You

there are 66 of you, who follow my little blog-in-the-wilderness, I will not be taking trolls! 
this give away is for my followers. if you want to be included in the next one, follow me.


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