Sunday, June 23, 2013

Poetry RR in the garden

 I love my yard!

Have I mentioned that before?

looking out from my favorite places to stitch I get this lovely view of my tree

( ignore the pile of old picknick table, I must put that away.)

the front porch.

 my SO gave me this wonderful wind chime for my Birthday this year, it resonated and sings so prettily in the slightest breeze.
 it sounds like a Nerada track.

 and then there are my Veggi boxes across the yard,

full of tomatoes, squash, carrots, pickles, radishes, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, kale, sweet peas and corn.

I am also trying out brusselsprouts and artichokes this year.

I'm hoping to have enough of a harvest in some of this stuff to trade for fresh eggs,

as the new next door neighbors have chickens.

It's been raining so much the last few months that all 6 of my rain barrels are so full they fountain! I have to run around and make sure they all have open valves and spouts leading away so they don't flood and undermine the foundation of the barrels.

In this nirvana I have finished Janet's block for the poetry and verses RR in CQI.

She chose a children's book version of a Robert Frost Poem, the pictures of which are wonderfully charming!
As I was the last lady on this piece, I had 2 blocks to choose from.
I chose the cover page because it had the best convergence of fabrics for the idea I had.

I took elements from one of the other ladies blocks, the seam treatments in the upper left corner and top seam and then used several of the illustrations from the book for inspiration.

I hope she likes it!

I know I had fun, with the birds especially, I think I may place more critters in my blocks in future.


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