Thursday, April 5, 2018

finished the Russian fairy tale quilt

So this got done in between all the star making


Each block has a border of ribbon, Each ribbon border is different.

I did this mostly to cover up the yellow I used to make the blocks the right size to fit the sashing.

To quilt the large border squares I used a template for the first time to do feather quilting, one big feather on each rectangle.

There is a learning curve, a new foot for bernie and some grey thread that blends really well with the many, many colors I used.

Here is a close up of one of the blocks and the ribbon I used.

I sewed it down on either side and folded the ribbon at the corners.

it works really well to cover that ugly yellow fabric.

The backing (isn't it gorgeous?) the blue and gold sashing were the only things I bought for this quilt.
so I'm still on track to buy ALMOST no new fabric for finishing.

And Molly approves so it must be good.


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