Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pearls and lace RR

 remember that pile I showed you earlier?

well It had some more stuff in it,

I'm currently doing the Pearls and Lace Traditional #3(?) RR with Talia, Pam, Therisa and Donna

this is Donna's block

isn't it lovely?
she wants to make it into a purse when we're all done with it.

what i find hardest about being the first person on a block is knowing when to stop.

I want to get my idea's down but I don't want to take up all the real estate either

what I have done so far is to frame the center with lace, motifs and pearls

I took one of the motifs she left in the bag a fan and embellish that with my own hand dyed flowers and a few fronds

then added this little fellow to watch over the proceedings

 this is Suzies block 

she had to drop out of the official RR unfortunately. she had a windfall and is going to be moving away (WAA!)

but we didn't let that stop her form participating!

we all meet every wednesday and can pass it off any old time,  she gets to have fun when she can make it in.

 I have a few more things to throw at this one so I'll show you the finished picture later.


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