Monday, August 9, 2010

small easy purse a tutorial

This is so exciting My very first tutorial!
please leave me feedback and let me know if this information is any good, I need to learn too;)

this is a purse of my own design and is great for beginners to purse making. there are not a whole lot of parts to it, its relatively small and goes together in a few hours. the trickiest part is turning the side with timtex ironed to it.
(this part can be skipped by using a heavier fabric than cotton).

And having used my daughters as guineapigs, I feel fairly confident anyone can make one!

I would recommend using cotton fabrics and recycling old jean fabric for the body of the purse
but really you can use just about any kind of fabric for it. though I would recommend staying away
from some of the lighter weight fabrics such as silks, georgette, gauze and sheers.
2-3 fat quarters and one package of timtex (if not using a heavier fabric) should be sufficient for the entire body of the purse.

Purse body
Cut 2-3 1/2"x23" strips of fabric-for strap
Cut 2-8 1/2"x22" pieces-for body inside and outside
Cut 2-8 1/2"x10 1/2" piece- one of muslin and one of fabric for purse flap
Cut 1-8 1/2x6 1/2" piece-for outside pocket
Optional; cut 1 6 1/2"x 6 1/2" piece-for inside pocket

Timtex (if not using a stiff fabric like upholstery or jeans)
Cut 1 8"x21 1/2" piece-for body
Cut 1 3"x8"-for outside pocket
Cut 1 3"x6"-for inside pocket

1 2 1/2" piece- for inside pocket

sew together strap material along the short side so it make one long 44" strip.
Fold in thirds so the raw edges meet in the center, Iron flat.
Fold in half making sure the edges meet evenly along the open end, iron flat
sew open end together as close to the edge as you can, making sure to sew through all layers of the fabric.
repeat along the fold and set aside.

fold the outside pocket (and optional inside pocket if using) in half , iron flat.
place timtex between folded fabric, making sure its firmly against the fold
and center it so there is 1/4" of fabric on either side and along the bottom, iron according to the instructions.
if using optional inside pocket, sew scratchy side of the velcro to the top of the small pocket,
sew a seam as close to the fold as you can making sure to sew through all the layers, set aside.

when you are done piecing and embellishing on the muslin piece take the flap fabric and with right sides together
pin and sew along 3 edges of the flap, leaving one end open. cut corners and turn flap inside out.
iron carefully from the back first on a fluffy towel so as not to flatten or diturbe the embellishments on the front.
turn over and carefully iron the outside edge of the flap. sew along the ouside getting as close to the edge as you can, leaving the raw edge alone. set aside.

If not using a heavier fabric like upholstery or jean fabric, iron the large piece of timtex to the wrong side of the fabric
you will be using for the inside of your purse, centering it so you leave a 1/4" of fabric all around.
Fold both pieces of the body in half, ( leaving it a 1/2" higher at the back, for the flap) so we can position the pockets.

For the outside pocket, place at the bottom fold of the front of the outside piece, pin in place upside down so you can sew the bottom edge in place along the open seam end. take out the pins, flip up and sew down through all the layers. pin top edge at the sides.
Fold, right sides facing (leaving it 1/2" longer at the back for the flap) Pin and sew together along the long sides.Turn right side out. set aside.

For the inside Pocket (if using) place at the edge about an inch from the top of the inside of the purse.
pin and sew as you did for the outside pocket, at this time position the soft side of the velcro and sew to the body.
fold up pocket and fold raw edges under, pin in place and sew as close to the edges you can, making sure to sew through all the layers.
fold in half (leaving it 1/2" longer at the back for the flap) pin and sew as you did for the outside of the purse, making sure NOT to sew through the timtex.

stuff the outside of the body into the inside, with right sides facing, place the straps at the long end of the body leaving a 1/4" for placing the flap.
Pin and sew the short ends of the top of the purse body together, going through the strap several times to tack it in place securely. turn inside out.

Fold under the raw edges of the fabric, making sure the edges are even, iron flat.
place the flap inside the open end and pin down on both sides, sew as close to the edge as possible making sure you get through all layers of fabric.

and enjoy your fabulous homemade purse!)


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