Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My wet garden

After two straight weeks of rain we finally got a day of sun and wind yesterday and back to rain and cold today!

my garden is doing well in spite of the cold.

tanukie needs a wash

and Mary seems to be loosing her nose,Hmm.


On the fun side I have a robin nesting in my front awning!

She's made herself comfortable and as no one uses the front door she was quite undisturbed until Sunday.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Grandma's Hankies

These are pics of my Grandmothers Hankies.
these belonged to her and her sisters when every lady carried one in her pocket.

all are hand embroidered by one of them,

Gran ended up with them because she was the youngest and the last to go.

Louise, Kathy, Rose, Kay & Grama Lorraine,
were as close as five sisters
who had to wear each others hand-me-downs & sleep in the same bed could get, the only time Gran remembers getting anything new was at her birthday, when she would get four new hankies, one from each of her sisters.

I've left all the pics at high res so you all can see the wonderful details.
The hand stitching puts my machine to shame!


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