Saturday, January 20, 2018

Adventures in sanity

As you all know I have been taking a break from crazy quilting,
Its not a permanent on just a cleansing, as it were.

I feel the need to have projects to do that can be finished quickly, mostly to keep my mind busy on things other than news, which I've switched off. For those that know me well that is a BIG deal as I am an itinerant newsie and have been since high school.

I'm still working on slow stitching and have several projects in the works but I'm a little brain fried with them right now so they will dribble in slowly as I get around to them.

I find it best to set things aside and work on something else when that muse has left the building, rather than trying to force it along or worse yet, let it sit there and stare at me, mocking my inability to create.

So instead I have taken on the NQS 9week quilt block challenge

looks like its going to be a fun quilt to make

It's much bigger blocks than I'm used to working on but I'm seeing the benefits to the larger format

the finished quilt if you follow the 9 block model
is 60"x60

but I want a bed size quilt so my first challenge is to make 2 of each block then pick 4 extras to make it long enough for a queen size bed.

my second challenge is to use as much of my star fabric stash as possible,

its mostly fat quarters with a few 1/2 yards mixed in so far so good

Blocks 2 and 3 have turned out spectacular!

Every thing I could wish for

nice defined points no missing ends or offset panels

notice how I said 2 and 3

Block one was, nice, bUt

was 2 whole inches to small, each finished block should be 16", this one was 14" NG

the pints were mostly fine but wonky in the crotches.

aaand the middle star has almost no definition between colors and so reads like a square at a distance, instead of a star.


and I followed the directions too! Double foo!

so I took my stars destiny into my own hands and resorted to my comfort zone for making flying geese, instead of the stated directions

and it worked! whee!



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